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Waldorf dolls.


July 15, 2015.

     I adore Waldorf dolls. They are soft, huggable, simple and adorable. Yesterday I was motivated to make this smallish (about 10 inches tall if you include her poufy hair) doll. 

     Although there are a few tweaks to the pattern when I make the NEXT doll, I am really pleased with her. My daughter and I have decided her name is Fern. Her wild child hair is made of hand dyed mohair locks I got at the Flagstaff Sheep and Wool Festival this spring. Her dress is scraps of cotton from my stash. Her body is  cotton knit and she is stuffed with pure wool.  She is very sweet...








June 3, 2015.

Met up with friends for iced tea and cupcakes after a shady walk along the river.

On the knitting needles another sweater, this time with my handspun merino mixed with Cascade 220 wool. I just divided the sleeves and am working on the lower portions of the front and back.



Continuous thread.

June 3, 2015.

A treasure from my mother now that she is gone...her knitting bag, which had been her mother's.  The patterns, in Mom's handwriting, bring her back to me.




Sheep and wool festival 2015.

May 31, 2015.

     Today my daughter and I visited the Flagstaff Sheep and Wool Festival. This is our third year attending this event and it was under new management with alot more vendors and hands on demonstrations. The emphasis was on regional/local ranches so it was fun to see the variety of animals people in the desert southwest raise.




      I came home with some dyed Arizona raised mohair locks destined to be doll hair.



     And some lovely cloudlike naturally black alpaca/CVM blend roving from a ranch in southern Colorado.

     We were very tempted to bring home a gorgeous French angora rabbit, but resisted!







Waldorf dolls and handspun.

March 31, 2015.


     So much has happened since last fall, not sure where to even begin.  As many of you know my mother was diagnosed with cancer just after Christmas and she passed away this month.  I miss her so very much, especially our daily phone calls just to chit chat about our everyday lives.  She was a powerful force in my life and there is a very large hole in my very core without her.

     My job at the local Waldorf school has kept me tremendously busy.  Love the job, but it is tiring and my energy for posting on the blog is fairly non-existent!  That being said, I still have the energy to make things when I return home, which is most important. So, here are some things I worked on this month...


    My first Waldorf doll using the instructions from the book Making Waldorf Dolls by Maricrsistin Sealey.  Her hair is hand dyed wool I bought in Taos,NM (to make socks with, I think I still have enough left!)  I am very pleased with her and will certainly be making more.


     This little butterfly doll I just finished this morning, having started her (and her sisiter) last night after my daughter went to bed.  She is a gift for a dear friend and came together quite quickly.  The tutorial is here.


     And I have been spinning quite a bit on my trusty Louet S70 spinning wheel. This gorgeous hand dyed merino top is from Yarn Rescue.  The colorway is "Aquarium".  I still have another 4 ounce braid to spin but not sure what the finsihed product will be.  Perhaps a knitted cardigan using the handspun as colorwork around the yoke?