Fiber, fiber and more fiber.
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 10:48AM

July 15, 2014.

     Although it seems like I have not posted in a loooong time, I have been very busy.  Posting some pictures of my recent projects...

I spun this on my trusty S75 Louet spinning wheel, which has seen alot of use this year. The roving was 100% shetland moorit which I got at Grandma's Spinning Wheel in Tucson, AZ because I was tired of spinning pure merino wool and wanted something with a little bit of character.


This was a gorgeous merino/silk roving that I started spinning last year and finally finished up this summer. I proceeded to knit myself fingerless gloves for this winter.  Amazingly soft! And I have a whole skein of yarn left!


Taking a break from handspun, I am knitting up socks with this gift skein from my daughter's handwork teacher at school. It was part of a thank you present for the volunteering I did this year at the school. So sweet!


A shuttles eye view of my loom this week--blue rayon chenille scarves. I think I have 7 out of the 10 on the warp woven.


I love this 100% Falkland wool colorway from The Fiber Factory in Mesa, AZ-- I haven't spun alot of it but I think I will ply it, then knit gloves? Hat? Not sure yet. 


Not a great photo, but I sampled a fair isle pattern for the first time. I enjoyed making this swatch which is a blend of junk yarn and some leftover handspun bits. Maybe I will try a hat down the road apiece.


I have been learning how to spin cotton on a tahkli spindle, too. Will post photos later.

So that's what I have been up to...


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