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Is it really October already?!

October 4, 2014

     I started a new job this fall as the assistant Handwork teacher at a Waldorf (aka Steiner) school.  Although it is only part-time, it is amazing how much it takes from my "free time".  However, it is fabulous and I am really enjoying the kids (I teach first through eighth graders) and teachers. I am learning alot from my students as well.  The fact that my workspace is in an Earthship is even cooler!

     We teach mostly fiber arts including knitting, crochet, sewing, and cross-stitch. Here are some of the colorful supplies at our disposal.


     The woodworking teacher had his 7th grade class make drop spindles so I am introducing handspinning to our curriculum.  Wasn't that nice of him?  He is an enthusiastic supporter of the fiber arts.

     And we have an old Leclerc workshop loom on which I am going to teach the older grades weaving.  Yay!


 We also have several Navajo looms which I do not know how to warp.  I am currently reading a book and got a DVD from our local library showing the entire process, so I hope to have those looms up and weaving.

     Yes, I am still weaving my scarves at my home studio as well (and knitting socks for my dear daughter AND spinning some lovely autumn colored merino roving for a potential shawl.) Life is good.


Fiber, fiber and more fiber.

July 15, 2014.

     Although it seems like I have not posted in a loooong time, I have been very busy.  Posting some pictures of my recent projects...

I spun this on my trusty S75 Louet spinning wheel, which has seen alot of use this year. The roving was 100% shetland moorit which I got at Grandma's Spinning Wheel in Tucson, AZ because I was tired of spinning pure merino wool and wanted something with a little bit of character.


This was a gorgeous merino/silk roving that I started spinning last year and finally finished up this summer. I proceeded to knit myself fingerless gloves for this winter.  Amazingly soft! And I have a whole skein of yarn left!


Taking a break from handspun, I am knitting up socks with this gift skein from my daughter's handwork teacher at school. It was part of a thank you present for the volunteering I did this year at the school. So sweet!


A shuttles eye view of my loom this week--blue rayon chenille scarves. I think I have 7 out of the 10 on the warp woven.


I love this 100% Falkland wool colorway from The Fiber Factory in Mesa, AZ-- I haven't spun alot of it but I think I will ply it, then knit gloves? Hat? Not sure yet. 


Not a great photo, but I sampled a fair isle pattern for the first time. I enjoyed making this swatch which is a blend of junk yarn and some leftover handspun bits. Maybe I will try a hat down the road apiece.


I have been learning how to spin cotton on a tahkli spindle, too. Will post photos later.

So that's what I have been up to...



Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

May 21, 2014.

     In April we hiked a small portion of the trail in Oak Creek Canyon looking for spring wildflowers.  This area is unusual (for Arizona) in its shady dampness along the creek, perfect for violets and other magical forest blooms, fairy pools,and moss covered rocks. Add to that the imposing red rock formations running along the side of the canyon and the scene is inspiring.

     I heard the news last night that a wild fire has consumed a portion of this special place--my thoughts go out to the animals, plants, and people who call this beautiful area home.


Moss--a rare find in the desert.


Fairy cattails...

 Red rock cliffs above the creek.


 And a cave to explore.


Handprinted cloth bags.


 May 12, 2014.

     I made two cloth bags from cotton fabric that I printed with my hand carved stamps.  These bags are lined in Thai silk and stand up on thier own due to "boxing" the corners on the bottom--I followed this pattern for construction. Then they went to my sister for her birthday...





Springtime "stained glass" for children.

     March 31, 2014.

     Today my seven year old and I put together a little spring picture for our kitchen window. I cut the pattern below out of black construction paper using an x-acto knife.


     Next we got our our colored tissue paper stash and carefully cut out bits and pieces to glue on the back side of the cutout.

 Ta Da!