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Springtime diversions.


March 20, 2014

     Yes, we have more than cactus and prickly plants here in Arizona!  Our apple trees are blooming and so are our lilacs.  Much more time has been spent outside (no bugs for now!)

      I found a pattern for my handspun alpaca/shetland blend-- a scarf in a variation of the currugated rib. I will be lucky if I finish this by next winter! (Note to self: next time spin fatter yarn.)



       My daughter has been busy in Handwork at school making knitted animals--I love the personality in these!  It is wonderful to watch her take to these timeless crafts....


Yarn, yarn, yarn...

March 14, 2014

     A bit of spring break was spent in Tempe, AZ. My daughter and I went to the Phoenix Zoo and we hit up the yarn store. She has started her very own yarn stash at the age of 7--girl after my own heart! I picked up this super bulky wool in a lovely dark moss which I am knitting into a scarf.

 I have been hand-spinning alot lately on my trusty Louet wheel.  I have some lovely alpaca/shetland wool that I got at the Northern AZ Sheep and Wool Festival in Flagstaff last year.  I am going to ply it with olive sewing thread to make a 2ply knitting yarn (fingering weight??).  After 30 odd years of handweaving I am finally learning how to knit (mostly because I assist at my daughter's Handwork class at the Waldorf elementary school she attends.)!  Can't wait to try a knitting project with my handspun!


Beeswax eggs.

March 2, 2014

     Our Sunday morning project was making beeswax candles with a springtime theme.

My "lovely" tomato can pitcher...

     Last night we blew out some eggs, rinsed the shells and let them dry overnight. Now they are ready to fill with beeswax.

     Aren't these sweet?!





Sunprinting on fabric.

February 28, 2014.

     I guess I must be living under a rock, because I had no idea you can sunprint with Dynaflow dyes.

 I washed squares of cotton muslin, laid them out in that strong Arizona sun and painted some dye on with brushes and eye droppers.  Then I scrounged up some leaves and some buttons and placed them on top of the wet fabric. (It was a breezy day so I put rocks on top of the leaves to keep them from blowing away.)


       Wait about 30 minutes and voila--sunprint!  Cool!


      I took the "leaf panel" and made a spring green pillow with a little hand-embroidery details.





Antler hunting.

February 26, 2014

     This morning we went up in the hills well east of Cottonwood and scouted for antlers with some friends who know the area very well.  The antlers were not showing themselves but we did find some other beauty...


   Do you see a heart? Or a face?


The forest road where we were searching...


We did have small success, but the elk are starting to shed and our friend hopes to find better specimens....