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February 17, 2014

     We took a trip to Tucson, Arizona to see my mom this weekend.  We stopped by the Tucson Botanical Garden mostly to see the butterfly exhibit. 


Also a tree frog in spectacular blue!

And my favorite little butterfly...



Waldorf style wool fairy.

February 11, 2014.


     I had originally purchased some plain white merino top for making a waldorf style doll, something I have never attempted before.  But the ease and familiarity of the wool fairies tempted me yesterday afternoon.   My daughter decided this is a leaf fairy. Wherever this fairy goes, plants spring up in her wake. 




Knitting organization

February 9, 2014

     My daughter loves to knit, but her knitting needles had gotten a bit out of control so I sewed up this quick knitting needle holder.

I adore this parasol print--I only had a small swatch of it in my stash but it was perfect for this little project.

 Next I need to tackle her yarn collection.....


Sunset hike in red rock country.

January 23, 2014

     My college professor would call sunrise and sunset out here in Arizona "Primetime in the Desert" because of the amazing light, color and shadows.

 This picture is looking south at the relative green of Mingus Mountain and the valley where I live. 



My seven year old daughter A says she wants to come back with her paints and easel and make a picture.  I agree...




New Year diversions.


January 8, 2014

     This year marks the third anniversary of Under The Mulberry Tree.  Thank you to everyone over the past three years who has taken time out of their busy days to spend a few moments here with me.

     The blueberry muffin picured abaove were hands down the best I have ever made.  My family was oohhing and ahhing over every bite even the day AFTER I baked them (that has never happened in this household over day old muffins before!)

      The recipe came from The Clinton Street Baking Company Cookbook which was a gift from my dear friend Cindy.  The photos in the book are what she calls "food porn" and the recipes are fabulous.  Love it!

     My husband gave me an Ipad mini for Christmas.  I found this gorgeous quilting cotton in my fabric stash for making an Ipad case. 


    The pattern ended up being a bit snug, but I love the way it looks. The pattern/tutorial is here.