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The walnut baby.

December 4, 2013

     This little doll was an after-thought of sorts.  We had fresh walnuts in the shell and I had made the doll's acorn head many months ago.  A little bit of needle felting (note the very fluffy mohair!) and the walnut baby was born.



      Here she is on our nature table with the late afternoon sun beaming on her.




Experimenting with my new camera (thank you Mom and Billy!) on our family ramble by the river at dusk this week.


This morning I started a batch of organic orangecello using Arizona fruit (recipe here)


 It should be ready in time for Thanksgiving and Hannukah festivities next week.




Wool lantern.

November 19, 2013.

     Every year we make a lantern as part of the Martinmas festivies.  This year the process of wet-felting a wool lantern looked fun and different.  The link is here. 

     I must confess there was a learning curve on this process--my first attempt was a complete failure.  Not enough wool, too big of balloon, water was too cold, not enough soap in the (too cold) water.  But I was determined to succeed and tried again making the necessary adjustments using my handspun wool/alpaca yarn as the binder thread which helped everything hold together. 

The wool doesn't burn and the glow from the tea-light is lovely on these dark autumn evenings!




Autumn Fairy.

   November 18, 2013

   We are all about the fairies lately!  This autumn fairy I needle-felted with wool and silk that I've had for quite some.

   She floats over our nature table which is in fall regalia this time of year...



Autumn fairy house.


November 3, 2013

  After carving several jack-o-lanterns for Halloween this year, my daughter wanted to turn our final pumpkin into a fairy home.  She had so much fun finding decorations from the berries and leaves in the yard.  How cozy and inviting for an autumn desert fairy to find respite from those November winds....